21 Jul 2016 — Snuza Testimonies

Being a parent can be scary at the best of times. Babies do not come with a manual and no matter how many books and blogs one manages to read, it does not prepare one for the roller-coaster ride of parenthood. The first few nights at home with a new baby can be the scariest for even the most relaxed moms and dads. Nights are filled with tossing and turning and constantly jumping up every two minutes to check that their little one is doing okay. Trying to get a peaceful night’s sleep can seem like a near impossibility.

Snuza has continually proven to provide moms and dads with that little bit of extra peace of mind seen through the many testimonies that are constantly shared. Here are just a few stories where moms and dads describe how their Snuza Monitor was there for them when they needed it the most.

Stephanie Bernstein


I remember when the UPS man delivered my daughter’s Snuza. I hadn’t slept in about 2 weeks straight and I cried with relief and hope knowing a tiny piece of technology would keep vigil over my baby so I could sleep for 3 hours straight before waking to nurse her. Getting a new one for this baby – for our family it is as essential as the car seat!

Kimberlee Metcalf

Kelly Hester Nation


The alarm on my Snuza Hero went off this morning for the first time. I’m so thankful my daughter was wearing this little piece of technology. Thank for you this! I should add that she didn’t wake up to the alarm, but we reacted immediately when it went off and I roused her from lightly jostling her. It scared her father and I, but we are so thankful such technology exists. Sometimes I wake in the night, and can look over and see the blinking light on her Snuza and go back to sleep with peace. That’s an irreplaceable feeling for a new mom. Our daughter is 5.5 weeks.

Kelley Nation

Gina Faye


The alarm went off on our Snuza for the first time last night!! My baby was born prematurely and has a cold for 2 days! I was able to wake her right up and she took a big deep breath!! Words cannot express how unbelievably thankful I am to the creators of The Snuza!!

Gina Faye

Amy Sue DeLucia


So thankful for Joseph’s movement monitor… it went off last night and I ran to find him not breathing! A quick shake and a shout roused him and he took a breath. I don’t know what would’ve happened last night otherwise, nor do I want to imagine. Thank you Snuza Hero, I think you saved my babies life.

Amy Sue DeLucia

Thank you for sharing your stories. We love hearing how Snuza has impacted each and every little life. If you have your own story of how your Snuza monitor helped you in a time of need, then please message us. We would love to hear them.