11 Jun 2015 — Snuza Korea supports Holt International Center

As a business and representing Snuza in Korea, we decided to support local adoption agency Holt International Korea. They are very well regarded and viewed in Korea as one of the best non-profit charity organisations.

At the end of the Korean War, moved by faith and a firm belief that all children deserve permanent, loving homes, Harry and Bertha Holt began their lifelong mission in 1955 to help orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children find homes.

Babies awaiting adoption are nurtured by trained caretakers. It is for these caretakers that we donated 25 Snuza Hero units to use on the babies that they look after. The needs of the caretakers are much greater than 25 units so hopefully over time as we grow as a business, we will be able to make further contributions.

The organization also runs the Holt Ilsan Center which is a residential care facility that cares for disabled and homeless children. Currently, Ilsan serves the needs of approximately 300 residents, ranging in age from toddlers to adults. All of the residents have some sort of disability, and receive therapy and training to overcome challenges that they may face. They live in group-home settings, and receive care from dedicated staff