11 Jan 2015 — Snuza Exhibits at Hong Kong Baby Fair

With great exitement Snuza was allocated their booth amongst hundreds of other exhibitors at the Hong Kong Baby Fair which started on the 11th of January 2015. Visitors are unaware of all the preparations behind the scenes to make the show worthwhile for their visit. Stand displays and goods get packaged way before the show to be sent from countries all over the globe. All this is to showcase their premium products over a few days for the world to see. Exhibitors chat amongst themselves, lend a hand or a hammer to get the stands looking attractive the day before the show. With great excitement the doors open.  Visitors stop and chat to Exhibitors who eagerly await their presence. Snuza left South Africa with great expectations. They were met by a welcoming crowd of traders and Distributors. Snuza’s products were introduced to the Asian market who was not very familiar with these portable Baby Movement Monitors, but showed a lot of interest. Snuza enforced their relationship with their Distributor in Asia in order to grow Snuza’s presence in the Asian market. We are excited to see more moms having access to a Snuza Movement Monitor. The show doors closed on the 15th of January after a succesful and satisfying show.