Snuza Hero Baby

25 Feb 2016 — Sleep Sound with the Snuza Hero Monitor

One of my best friends from college just welcomed their first baby, entering a whole new world of parenthood and discovering joys in those very first coos, giggles and that awesome moment when your baby grasps your pinkie with it’s hand for the very first time and just holds on.  Sigh.

Welcoming a new baby is such a joyous event and filled with such love.  Along with all the precious moments also comes a drastic change in schedules and sleep habits.  Parents no longer stay up late reading with a glass of wine or catching a movie to sleep until their alarm.  Nights now mean frequent feedings and diaper changes and very often, babies that seem like they are more nocturnal than awake during the daytime.  With both of my kids, I remember no one was ever seemed to be asleep from 3:30-5 am – those minutes stretching on with the moonlight falling in through the bedroom window.

When I first moved my daughter into her crib in her room, I found myself constantly checking on her and it was hard to get a peaceful nights sleep.  We live on a busy street so there are often noises from or neighbors or from cars.  I wondered if she had flipped onto her tummy and just worried way too much.

The new Snuza Hero is perfect for new moms and moms of preemies and provides that sense of security so that when your baby sleeps, you can too.  We were sent one to try out and share the results with you!  The monitor detects your baby’s even smallest abdominal movements and alerts you if abdominal movement stops.  After 15 seconds, the Snuza Hero has a vibration stimulus. The alarm goes off after 20 seconds of no abdominal movements and the lights on the monitor provide information on your baby’s movements.

When trying out the monitor, it was super easy to clip and can be attached to your child’s diaper (disposable or cloth) easily.  It is small in size and lightweight so it won’t be heavy for your baby to have attached while they are in their crib. Size-wise it is comparable to a small beeper and is streamlined and smooth plastic so I wasn’t worried about skin abrasions.  The Snuza also comes in a clear plastic case (not unlike one you’d find for a binky) that you can store your Snuza Hero in for travel and on-the-go.

The Snuza Hero gives moms and dads the peace of mind they are looking for at night and alerts you should there be any cause to worry.  Every baby needs a happy and well-rested mom.  The Snuza Hero helps provide that by taking some of the worry away and allowing you to rest peacefully so that when your baby does wake, you are ready to snuggle them and play with them with the energy you’ll need to start your day.  And everyone knows that a well-rested Mommy is a happy Mommy!

Thank you to Mommy Entourage