18 Feb 2016 — Miracle Baby

First I want to thank each and everyone that prayed for me and Knox. We appreciate all the love and prayers we received.

March 28th my husband and I went to a crawfish boil. I was scheduled to go in to have my c section the following Thursday. I had been having contractions for a day and half but they didn’t feel like the contractions I had with my other kids. They didn’t hurt but they were stronger than braxton hicks. I bet I googled “how far apart should your contractions be before going into the hospital” about 50 times. I just happened to pack my bag before going to the crawfish boil, just in case. My doctor is an hour away at Baptist for Women and I didn’t want to drag my husband there and it be a false alarm. By around 9:00pm (after I ate my crawfish, of course) I told my husband that I just needed to call and see. I could tell he wasn’t up for the trip but my doctor said I needed to come because I had a c section last time. They didn’t want my scar to open while contracting. My kids were already at my parents so we headed to the hospital.

We got to the hospital and my doctor told me, we were in fact about to have a baby now. I started crying like it was the first that I had heard a baby was coming out. Evidently she saw something that didn’t look right because they didn’t have time to send off my white blood count for a spinal so they wanted to put me to sleep. My husband is not a fan of blood or needles so I knew the only person that would go back with me was my mom. Well since I was an hour away, she couldn’t make it in time. Talk about scary. I had to go back to have the section by myself. This was a blessing in disguise because my mom wouldn’t have been able to handle it. So off I went by myself shaking like a leaf. The next thing I remember was asking the nurse if he was okay. She wouldn’t give me an answer and just said someone was coming in to talk to me. Not a good sign.

knox1This was the first picture I saw of him. I didn’t get to see him for a while. I think it was that night. Everything is kind of a blur. However I will never forget the words my Dr. said to me. She came in to tell me that the cord was wrapped around his neck and that if I would have been 10 minutes later it probably wouldn’t have been good. She called him our miracle baby. Miracle baby. I will forever call him that because that is what he is.


knox2Knox was on 95% oxygen for a day or two then down to 35%. The second day I was there, the NICU Dr. came in with his nurses to tell me they were going to have to do an epidural type procedure to check for meningitis. Not what you want your new baby to have to endure. Thankfully it came back negative but his blood work was still showing that he had some type of infection. We don’t know what it was and never will. He had to be on antibiotics for 10 days for it. He was in NICU until he was 12 days old. This seemed like FOREVER to me. I drove up once a day and fed him for one bottle. One day while I was there the NICU nurse told me “I’m just glad you came in when you did”. For some reason when she said this, it made me very emotional. Then I started thinking about all the mothers that things didn’t end well for them. You go in to have your baby and think you are coming home in a few days to nursery and sometimes it just doesn’t work out like that. I pray for you out there that didn’t come home with your bundle of joy. I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child.


This is my third child. You would think I wouldn’t be so paranoid but given his story we are super paranoid! The Dr. told us he was like a regular newborn when we left but how do you forget the experience. I knew I wanted a movement monitor for peace of mind. The people at Snuza were kind enough to send me one to try.

knox3For those that have never heard of this, Snuza is a portable movement monitor. If your baby stops moving for 15 seconds, it will vibrate up to 3 time to wake the baby. If there still isn’t movement for 5 seconds then the alarm will sound. For those moms like me that lean over and make sure your baby is still breathing, this will give you some sleep at night! It is very easy to use. You simply clip the monitor on the diaper. The purple tip should be as close to their belly button as you can get it. If you are expecting I highly recommend this. You don’t realize how often you check to see if they are breathing until they are here. I really love this option because you can take it with you. We go to my moms house a lot so I am able to monitor him anywhere.

Thank you Snuza for some peace of mind and sleep!

Knox Cooper Douchard:) Knox is now 6 weeks old and doing good for the most part. We are having feeding issues still. It is very tiring and frustrating at times but at least this sweet thing is here with his mama:) We are all in love with him and can’t imagine our lives without him!  These 3 have mamas heart!  Please continue to pray that little Knox eats better and gains better.

Thank you to Diamond in the Rough