18 Apr 2016 — Snuza Hero Review by Mending the Piggy Bank

Every mother with a new baby seems to do the same thing at night…toss and turn and each time you wake up, feel the need to check if the baby is ok and breathing. We have all been there, putting our finger near the baby’s nose at night to feel that comforting warm breath. That sense of relief when you go back to bed only to be met with the same urge and fears every time you wake at the slightest noise. No matter how well the baby sleeps, getting a restful worry-free night’s sleep seems out of reach.

The Snuza Hero is a portable wire free baby movement monitoring device. It claims to give parents peace of mind and in my opinion, it does a great job. The Snuza monitors the baby’s breathing and after 15 seconds of no abdominal movement, it gently vibrates. That vibration should be enough to cause the baby to breathe, however, if it’s not, then 5 seconds later it alarms. The alarm stays on until it is manually turned off. Indicator lights which I can see through my baby’s clothes blink as she breathes and if I want extra peace of mind I can set it to quietly tick as the baby breathes. It can also be set to alarm if the baby takes less than 8 breaths per minute.

Using the Snuza gave me that restful sleep I’d been lacking. The first night I had to resist the urge to keep checking on her. Thankfully, I could see the tiny flashing light through her clothes so I knew it was still on. After about 3 nights, I woke up and changed the baby’s diaper thinking…hmmmm…what if it really isn’t working? As I was thinking that, all of a sudden a loud beeping alarm goes off. I had removed the Snuza from her diaper and placed it on the changing table. The lack of movement caused it to go off. Bingo! I felt reassured that it was working!


My sister used a similar monitoring device with her son, however it was a sensor pad that he laid on. She would tell me of the intense fear that went through her mind practically every night when that alarm would go off. Only to run in the room and find he had simply moved himself off the mat or it was a false alarm and he was perfectly fine. The Snuza eliminates false alarms such as that. It securely hooks to the baby’s diaper and can be positioned on the belly or the side for belly sleepers. My baby is a belly sleeper, we had no problems with it on her side.











I could not come up with any major cons of this device. It’s small, wireless, secure, minimal to no false alarms, it feels soft against the baby’s skin and does not leave marks or irritation and it gives me peace of mind. The one and only downside may be the price, which averages around $100. That may for some parents be a bit out of their reach, however, at the same time can you truly put a price tag on peace of mind and a more restful sleep as a parent with a newborn baby?

I would absolutely recommend this product to parents of new babies. Especially to first time parents. It uses replaceable batteries so I am sure if stored properly it could easily be used for multiple babies. Since using the product I personally wake up feeling more refreshed and rested than I ever did with any baby!

*Disclaimer: Mending the Piggy Bank was given this product by the manufacturer for review purposes. All opinions are that of the reviewer.*

Thank you Mending the Piggy Bank for the Review.