15 Jan 2015 — CBME Expo Istanbul

Snuza exhibited at the CBME Expo, Istanbul between 15-18 Jan 2015. The stand displayed the Snuza brand for the first time at this show.

There were more than 350 exhibitors. Most of the products on display were mostly known to the visitors. Snuza proudly displayed their products at the show and was recognised as the only company at the Expo, who show cased brand new, unique and high technology products. The Snuza Hero attracted a lot of interest as an innovative product on display.

This was the first time that Turkish parents were introduced to this portable, cordless movement monitor. They were very impressed by the perfect sensitivity of the device. Not only did we get good brand exposure but it created a lot of interest in movement monitors.

It looks like Snuza will soon become a very reliable brand in the Turkish Market.