For complete peace of mind.

Why Snuza® Lumonite? Snuza® Lumonite Rechargeable LED Light is an easy-to-use flashlight. Lumonite can be left ON as a night light in your baby's nursery, or it can be left OFF and will automatically turn ON if the main power fails, making it the ideal solution for an emergency light in any room in the house. Charged via induction, simply plug the recharger into a mains power plug and store Lumonite in the recharger. Return it to the charger when you've finished using it and you'll always have a convenient and easy-to-find light. Lumonite night light has 3 brightness settings as well as an SOS flashing function for an emergency situation. It is the ideal baby monitor accessory to give you peace of mind.

Snuza® Lumonite Features

  • Use Snuza Lumonite as a night light in your baby nursery
  • Automatically switches on if main power fails
  • 1 hour service life when fully charged
  • Keep it in the kitchen, garage or wherever you need an ‘always on’ light
  • Also functions as an LED flashlight
  • Automatically recharges when plugged in
  • Battery charger plugs into mains socket
  • 3 brightness levels plus SOS blinking mode
  • Low energy consumption
  • Splash waterproof
Manual - Lumonite — Download