Snuza® Duo contains the Audio sound monitor and Hero movement monitor *

Snuza® Duo offers movement and sound monitoring in one mobile system, which can accompany you and baby wherever you go. The Audio monitor and the Hero movement monitor also function as separate units, which can be used independently, as required. Hero detects any movement your baby makes and alerts you if all movement stops. A unique vibration feature can reassert your baby’s movement if it detects that movement has stopped for 15 seconds and is followed by an alarm if movement does not resume. Snuza® Hero is a wearable baby monitor that clips onto the diaper. Hero is battery operated, so you can say goodbye to cords, wires or sensor pads. Set up the Audio monitor unit in the nursery, clip Hero to baby's diaper, and take the Parent Unit with you – the crystal-clear audio feed means you'll hear when baby needs you while you work or relax indoors up to a distance of 50m, or outdoors up to a distance of 300m. You can even catch up on your vital sleep knowing that Audio will alert you to your baby's needs, and relay Hero's alarm if baby stops moving. Digital wireless technology ensures interference-free communication and complete privacy, while the rechargeable and portable parent unit gives you hours of use as you freely move around your home or garden. A talkback feature means you can soothe baby to sleep with a few words of comfort spoken over the baby monitor. Audio's sound-level indicators allow you to turn the volume down to eliminate minor noise, giving you time to rest, and still be alerted to the Hero alarm or even an increase in baby's activity. You can even switch the volume off on the Parent Unit but still monitor baby using the sound level lights.

*Please note: Video and Audio Monitors not available in all regions. New models to be launched late 2016.

Alarm after 20 seconds no movement Alarm after 20 seconds no movement
No cords, wires, pads, or external power No cords, wires, pads, or external power
Vibration stimulus Vibration stimulus
Clips onto nappy / diaper Clips onto nappy / diaper
Snuza Duo
Parent Audio Power Supply: 1 x charging base with 1 x AC power adapter CD 6V / 400mA for Parent unit (supplied) 2 x AAA rechargeable batteries for Parent unit
Frequency Range: 1.88 to 1.9 GHz
Operating Range: Up to 300 meters / 900 feet outdoors
Up to 50 meters / 150 feet indoors
Width: 60mm
Depth: 42mm
Height: 108mm
Weight: 90 g
Operating Temperature: 0°C - 40°C
Baby Audio Power Supply: 1 x AC power adapter DC 6V / 400mA for Baby unit (supplied)
4 x 1.5V AA non-rechargeable batteries for Baby unit (not supplied)
Frequency Range: 1.88 to 1.9 GHz
Width: 109mm
Depth: 92mm
Height: 55mm
Weight: 135 g
Operating Temperature: 0°C - 40°C
Snuza Hero
Nett: Approx 31g (unit)
Gross: Approx 150g (packaged
Unit size:
Length: 70mm
Width: 45mm
Depth: 25mm
Pack size:
Length: 162mm
Height: 126mm
Depth: 40mm
Battery: (user-replaceable) 3.6V lithium thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2)
Noise level of alarm: 85 dBm at 10cm
Materials used: Medical grade polycarbonate FDA approved thermoplastic-elastomer
Certifications: CE (2001/95/EC, 89/336/EEC) (TV Rheinland)
RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive - Europe)
FCC (Federal Communications Commission ' USA)
ISO9001:2000 - manufactured in an ISO9001:2000 certified facility
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